Gabby Grant Illustration Links







    Plum Pudding Illustration are my agents for all things children's illustration.

    Gablog! my blog. updated every once in a while with projects in progress, scrawls, odds, sods, etc

    Prop Remedies Lovely people who make excellent props.

    Some of my friends' websites...

    Hazel Adams Hazel's great interest is in natural history, which doesn't stop her producing lovely illustrations for any subject. She's also great at experimenting with materials and computers, to make images with depth and intrigue.

    Alison Mulroy Lovely portraits. Alison has won prizes, so commission her while you can still afford her.

    Maria Nilsson Maria uses both hand-drawn and digital methods to create wonderful illustration and animation. Her illustrations are thoughtful, fun, stylish, quirky and spooky, to list a just a few possible adjectives.