Gabby Grant Illustration About







    Drawing has been the thread that's run through my life. Whatever else I've done, I've always loved making pictures.

    That's why, after spending several years in admin roles, I ran away to the University of Westminster, emerging with a degree in Illustration.

    Since then, I've worked on the images for four picture books for Picture Kelpies, and more recently have illustrated promotional material for the NSPCC and the Polka Theatre.

    I also spent a few years in the graphics department of a prop-makers, Keir Lusby's. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that job - it mostly involved producing anything papery, like books, posters, passports and newspapers for film and TV (however, every now and again I'd find myself sticking fake fur onto 8-foot-high nodding dogs, and other mild insanity). My favourite thing was the challenge of producing illustrations in a wide range of styles such as childrens' drawings, comics and illuminated manuscripts. I've worked hard to develop my personal style, but it's nice to break out once in a while!

    To produce my pictures, I use a combination of brush, pen and ink, and apply colour using Photoshop. I sometimes waver as to whether to be a purist and work only in ye olde techniques handed down from ages past, or whether to go all whizzy and digital and embrace the pixel. But the thing is, everything can be lovely and fun and useful for being creative in its own special ways. So I stop worrying about it and just do what looks great.